Advanced Balance Sheet Reconciliation

This course outlines the various reconciliations that need to take place between the various financial modules, General Ledger and external data such as the bank statements to ensure the completeness, accuracy and validity of financial information. Reconciliations are a fundamental element of risk management and accounting control especially around bank, wages, suspense, and assets under construction. The organization and presentation of reconciliations, working papers, Excel models, and the escalation / approval process will be addressedrocess.

B/S Monthly Reconciliation

Case 1: Salary and Wages Clearing Account Functions

Steps : Payroll Control account reconciliation policy 
Model: Staff loan and payroll reimbursement model


Case 2: Annual Leave Liability Reconciliation

Steps : Annual Leave Provision Policy Model: Annual Provision and On-Cost model


Case 3: Long Service Leave Liability Reconciliation

Steps : LSL Provision Internal control Procedures Model: LSL Possibility、Seasonality and NPV model


Case 4: Insurance & Work Compensation Reconciliation

Steps : Insurance management & WC Policy 
Model: Work Compensation Control Model


Case 5: General Ledger Control Accounting Procedures

Steps : General Ledger Reconciliation Policy & Procedures 
Model: General Ledger Reconciliation Template

B/S Year End Reconciliation

Case 1: Investment Account Management and Reconciliation

Steps : Investment Account Policy & Procedures 
Model: Investment Account Reconciliation Model


Case 2: BAS Account Reconciliation

Steps : GST Account Control 
Model: ATO and GST Auto Reconciliation Model


Case 3: Assets under construction Reconciliation

Steps : Expense Capitalization 
Model: Assets under construction Model

Case 4: Fixed Asset Year End Control Report

Steps : PPE Project Control Procedures 
Model: Year End Property Control Model


Case 5: Year End Auditing Coordination Manual

Steps : Year End Accounts Reconciliation Procedures 
Model: Year End Accounts Reconciliation Check List

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