Reading Financial Reports in 30 minutes

Mr. Jiang has designed and delivered many practical hands-on steps by step training courses to accelerate the acquisition of financial management skills. As well as identifying key financial concepts in budgeting, reporting and analysis, he supports this knowledge with many simple and sophisticated Excel models. He also has the ability to access complex BI and reporting tools and make them come alive in common sense ways which can be replicated by the learner back in the office environment.

原料成本和成本流(COM & Cost Flow)

案例:成本和成本流的汇总及分类流程:Absorption and Contribution Case Study 模型:  BOM and Cost Flow的流程

成本合并法 Activity-Based Costing

案例:Activity-Based-Costing System
流程:Identify overhead cost activities and individual cost drivers
模型:Activity-Based Costing Model

Cost Saving and Utilization Analysis

案例:Staff efficiency in service industry

流程:Building data warehouse between roster system and payroll
模型:Staff Efficiency Fortnight Report Model

logistic Cost Classification and Calculation

案例: 物流成本包括什么

流程: 物流成本的分类

模型: 分配物流成本模型

服务业批次成本报告 ( Service Job Cost Report )

案例:By Department And Agency Cost 流程:Staff unit cost and efficiency Analysis模型: Operating job Cost Reporting

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