This two-day course is delivered in two parts; the first  day covers the theory and methods of Profit &Loss Financial Statement analysis within organisations.  Issues such as effectiveness , methods and techniques of analysis  , sales growth ,COGS ,Gross margin and EBITDA  will be discussed.  Students are encouraged to share their own experiences with the class.  
In the second day, participants will focus on  balance sheet efficiency  models , working capital and Du Pont Framework  to bring a practical application to the case study .   The model will include a one page analysis format , du pont summary as well as scenarios and sensitivity testing.  During the course, participants will create their own Excel financial analysis  models  to take away with them.  Each participant is provided with all excel model samples and lecture notes.

Reading Financial Reports in 30 minutes

Hunter Jiang

IFA Australia Founder
Senior Group Financial Controller

Hunter has designed and delivered many practical hands-on step by step training courses to accelerate the acquisition of financial management skills. As well as identifying key financial concepts in budgeting, reporting and analysis, he supports this knowledge with many simple and sophisticated Excel models. He also has the ability to access complex BI and reporting tools and make them come alive in common sense ways which can be replicated by the learner back in the office environment.

analyzing Effectiveness

Common-sized Analysis

Steps: horizontal and vertical analysing procedures
Model: Listed Company Common-sized Analysis Model

INDIRECT Cash Flow Report

Steps: workflow between balance sheet and cash flow
Model: Lookup table indirect Method

Restructure Profit & Loss

Steps:Transfer normal P&L to FC/VC Report
Model: Mapping Cost Allocation Model

Driver-Tree Analysis

Steps:Driver based analysing method
Model: Cost-Volume-Price modelling

Break-even Scenario Analysis

Steps:Introduce to What-if Analysis
Model: Break-even Data Table Modelling

Case Study

Over 200 Corporate real case studies


Apply industry benchmark level best practices


Combine working knowledge and Excel skills

analyzing Effciency

Balance Sheet Efficiency

Steps: Understand operating Cycle
Model: Working Capital Cross-line Calculation

Balance Sheet Restructure

Steps: define the net debt and other funding
Model: Two Dimension Restructure Model

Du Pont Summary

Steps: Operating , Financing and Investing Analysis
Model: Cross P&L and B/S Calculation

Listed Company Case Study

Steps: Sale Growth mapping to profitability
Model: Management Report Package

Financial Analysis One Page

Steps: Meet the needs of internal Customers
Model: All in one Analysis Model

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