Cash Flow Reporting & Forecasting

Hunter Jiang

IFA Australia Founder
Senior Group Financial Controller

Hunter has designed and delivered many practical hands-on step by step training courses to accelerate the acquisition of financial management skills. As well as identifying key financial concepts in budgeting, reporting and analysis, he supports this knowledge with many simple and sophisticated Excel models. He also has the ability to access complex BI and reporting tools and make them come alive in common sense ways which can be replicated by the learner back in the office environment.

Cash Flow Reporting & Forecasting

模块1 现金流入预测案例

案例:如何预测现金流入 流程:销售和应收款之间的关系 模型:Debtors Cash receipts phasing Model

模块2 营运资本现金流案例

案例:如何预测营运资本现金流入与流出 流程:营运资本与现金之间的关系 模型:Over Trading Simulation CF

模块3 工资现金流出案例

案例:如何预测工资现金流出 流程:工资,销售和现金流出之间的关系 模型:Cash Outflow Salaries model

模块4 短期融资案例

案例:如何预测现金流缺口 流程:融资和现金流缺口之间的关系 模型:Seasonal short Term Financing

模块5 项目现金流案例

案例:如何预测项目现金流量 流程:现金的时间价值 模型:Discounted Cash Flow Project

模块6 Understand Business Drives for cash flow


模块7 Scenario Cash Flow Planning

销售现金比率=经营活动现金净流量÷销售额 每股营业现金净流量=经营活动现金净流量÷普通股股数 全部资产现金回收率=经营活动现金净流量÷资产总额

模块8 Cash liquidity Control

现金到期的债务比=经营活动现金净流量÷本期到期的债务 现金流动负债比=经营活动现金净流量÷流动负债 现金债务总额比=经营活动现金净流量÷债务总额

模块9 Ways of improving financing cash flow

现金满足投资比率=近5年平均经营活动现金净流量/近5年平均资本支出、存货、增加、现金股利之和 现金股利保障倍数=每股经营活动现金净流量÷每股现金股利

模块10 Measure, Plan and decide Cash Flow

营运指数=经营活动现金净流量÷经营所得现金 经营所得现金=净利润-非经营收益+非付现费用

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