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Time Intelligence for Accountant

Time Intelligence for Accountant

Closing Month End Best Practice

What the best accountant do differently ?

This course is designed for financial professionals who need to explore the practical usage of advanced excel functions in a financial processing. By creating your own user-friendly financial model, you will learn to translate financial data s into a structured information to identify weaknesses and predict future performance.

Hunter has designed and delivered many practical hands-on step by step training courses to accelerate the acquisition of financial management skills. As well as identifying key financial concepts in budgeting, reporting and analysis, he supports this knowledge with many simple and sophisticated Excel models. He also has the ability to access complex BI and reporting tools and make them come alive in common sense ways which can be replicated by the learner back in the office environment.

This course is part of the Financial Closing Package:

  • GL Standing Journals
  • Month End Procedures
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliation
  • Year End Closing
  • Excel Data Modelling
  • Power BI Data Manipulation

This course is part of the Financial Closing Package:

  • Graduate Accountant
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll Officer
  • Accounts Clerk/Office
  • Accounts Al-rounder
  • Small Firm Accountant
  • Small Company Accountants

Public courses are run in our training room without workstations provided. Participants need bring their own laptops.   The course is demonstrated using Microsoft Excel 2016, but participants can use Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013 if they prefer.  Course materials contain instructions for different versions, and Excel 2011 for Mac users are also catered for. But window system will be needed if you attending SAP-ERP tutorials.

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  1. Manually create calendar table
  2. Calendar table column calculation
  3. Automatically create calendar table
  1. Computing the difference in working days
  2. Computing  working days in different countries
  3. Computing  working days with sales over than Zero
  1. Time intelligence with calculate()
  2. Time intelligence with filter()
  3. Time intelligence with all()
  1. Caculate Current YTD ,QTD & MTD
  2. Caculate Last Year  YTD ,QTD & MTD
  3. Caculate YOY , MOM difference
  1. Semi-additive measure
  2. Opening balance calculation
  3. Closing balance calculation

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